HB Holding N.V.

About us

HB Holding N.V. is a financial and management holding company based in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. Through our operating subsidiaries, we are active in promising fields of activity that offer above-average return opportunities for our shareholders.


Broen Real Estate Ltd.

Henri Broen B.V.

Henri Broen Investments B.V.

Henri Broen Construction B.V.


Our extensive partner network gives us exclusive access to high-yield projects and disruptive technologies.


“Gigantic market about to take off!”

CEO Henri Broen and CFO Carsten Mainitz provide insights into the recently achieved milestones and the future strategic direction of the company in an exclusive interview with the stock market portal 4investors. In particular, the focus on the topic of Web3.0 of the new company Henri Broen Investments is highlighted extensively.


Next growth stage and update

The transformation into a diversified investment holding company is progressing successfully. By means of the subsidiary Henri Broen Investments, which is to be founded, HB Holding will in future open up and bundle attractive business areas beyond real estate project development and construction.


Dynamic international growth and Boersengang

HB Holding N.V. looks back on a good year in which important milestones were achieved. Building on this foundation, the Dutch financial and management holding company holds out the prospect of dynamic growth in 2022 and the following years, which will be increasingly international in nature.


You would like to learn more about us?

We would be happy to discuss with you personally how you, as an investor, can benefit from the strong growth and attractive returns of the Henri Broen Group.