HB Holding N.V.

About us

HB Holding N.V. is a financial and management holding company based in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. Through operating subsidiaries, we are active in various fields of activity, including

  • the development of high-yield real estate projects in Germany and abroad,
  • the sustainable construction business and
  • the development of novel applications of the Web3.0 revolution, especially payment solutions

We rely on the skills and commitment of our employees as well as on our large and well-developed network of partners. Together we want to develop HB Holding into a well-known and reliable address for investors within a manageable time frame. In doing so, we are also focusing very strongly on involvement in technology fields of the future.

In addition, we act opportunistically when lucrative investment opportunities arise in order to generate maximum returns for our shareholders at a manageable risk.

The management and the team

Click here to meet the HB Holding N.V. team. An overview of all team members with a brief description of their activities.


We would be happy to discuss with you personally how you as an investor can benefit from the strong growth and attractive returns of the Henri Broen Group.