HenriPay OÜ

HenriPay OÜ is our wholly owned subsidiary based in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. HenriPay OÜ is currently applying for an extended payment license in Estonia (EMI, Electronic Money Institution), which will provide the basis for the roll-out of innovative payment solutions throughout Europe (EU passport). HenriPay OÜ works closely with HenriPay B.V., which also […]

Henri Broen Construction B.V.

Henri Broen Construction B.V. based in Leuth near Nijmegen is a wholly owned subsidiary of HB Holding N.V. for the production of light steel profiles for the construction of buildings. www.hbroen-construction.com

HenriPay B.V.

The subsidiaries HenriPay (B.V. and OÜ) are currently developing innovative payment solutions www.henripay.com